Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bubble tea

During my visit to London, I was set to have a few food experiences. One of the first experiences I had was Bubble tea. Bubble tea has made a big splash in the UK recently. It's a fruit flavoured green tea which you can have hot or cold, there are black jelly balls in the bottom of the tea. You can then chose to add fruit juiced filled 'boboa' balls. I chose to have a Passion fruit cold tea with mango filled boboa. The first sip tasted refreshing and then as I sucked up one of the the black jelly balls I found the texture as I chewed it very odd. I decided to give them another go. Comparing that to the mango filled balls was very odd as the mango balls were very sweet and were pleasant to eat where as I kept trying to chew the black jelly balls I started to really dislike them. In the end I ended up just swallowing the black balls whole so that I didn't have to taste them. My friend had a hot strawberry tea, which was a stark contrast to mine, the black jelly balls melted in hers and somehow they tasted even worse! However I think the strawberry tea was nicer hot and you could taste the underlying green tea very nicely.

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