Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Imano: Food Experience

For my main food experience while in London I went to the interactive restaurant Imano, a Japanese restaurant in the trendy part of soho. The idea behind the restaurant is that you can see the items on the menu projected onto your plate before you order. With technology advancing everyday why not take this and apply it to something so fundamental like eating. You are guaranteed the food/drinks you order 15 minutes after placing your order. The way you control this interactive system is with a track pad on each table which you then use to control the menu. Other options you can do while waiting for your food is to change the image of your 'tablecloth' as yes that is projected too! You can also watch the 'chef cam' and watch in real time the chefs cooking and preparing your food. A great option that was available was to play games, i.e. battleships and other puzzle based games.

For my meal I had a passionfruit martini, squid and spring onion goyza's, Japanese coleslaw and vegetable tempura. I wanted to look at the colour of the food and the garnishes and how they worked together and how could I work with them. 

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