Monday, 4 March 2013


After looking at my trend boards and my research I feel my pastel trend fits in with my research into milkshakes. I feel as I have been focused on colour throughout my research these two concepts are very closely linked. My initial idea was to display the accessory item next to a food item with similar colours and include the recipe at the bottom but I have moved on and developed my idea to make it more suitable for a fashion editorial. I went back through my photo's from Manchester and looked again at the 17th/18th Century garments and noticed they were all quite pastely soft colours due to the technology and knowledge of how to dye clothes at the time. I looked again at these when going through the accessories I want to use for my shoot. I have tried to incorporate the two as well as considering my food experiences. I really decided on milkshakes when I was going through the trends as I kept seeing pastel pinks which reminded me of the shake I had at the american diner In Camden. If you compare the colours of the accessories I have chosen to the photos from Platt Hall you can definitely see the links and where I got my colour pallet from.

Charlotte Olympia
Jimmy Choo

Nancy Gonzalez 

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